We find in Matthew 27:57-60 that a man named Joseph asked Pilate to take the body of Jesus and bury him in a tomb that he owned. Joseph was a religious leader who did not want Jesus to die unlike the rest of his friends. Joseph was a true follower of Jesus Christ.

We also find in John 19:38-42 that another man named Nicodemus helped Joseph place the body of Jesus in the tomb. He brought with him spices and ointments to help the body from smelling really bad.

The second question, “What were the names of the other two guys next to Jesus?” is found in Luke 23:39-42. The passage does not provide us with the names of the two criminals next to Jesus, but we do know that one of them believed that Jesus was the Son of God. Just before Jesus dies, he asks Jesus “Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.” Jesus responded by assuring that he would be with him in heaven. This shows us that God’s grace is offered to anyone who accepts Jesus as their Savior, no matter what they have done!